by Con McHugh
St Osburg’s, Coventry

At 7pm on Thursday 22 February 2018, the Feast of the Chair of St Peter the Apostle, Fr Pontius Bandua, a member of the Apostles of Jesus Missionaries was inducted as the Parish Priest of St Osburg’s Parish.

The ceremony was conducted by the Dean of Coventry, Fr Tom Farrell, in the presence of a sizeable number of the clergy and the faithful.

This was a memorable event for the St Osburg’s Parish community, which had been waiting for three years since the former parish priest, Fr Garry, was transferred to Bidford upon Avon.

In his sermon Fr Tom reflected on the readings and how it is a two-way relationship between the Parish Priest and his community. Together they can strengthen and renew the Parish.

Key points from his sermon include: In the letter of St James, we hear that faith without good works is a ‘dead faith’ and throughout his letters St Paul reminds us that our words must always be supported by our deeds. The same is true for our Liturgy and our acts of worship.

The ceremony of Induction is a wonderful expression of how St Osburg’s can live as a Parish community. The ceremony will remind you, his parishioners, of your co-operation, support and unity. The Feast of the Chair of St Peter emphasises the importance of unity at the heart of the Church. That same unity should always be a feature of this Parish.

The arrival of Fr Pontius and Fr Sunday is a welcome blessing for the Parish. It will be good to have Priests resident again in the Presbytery and we know that St Osburg’s has a long and distinguished association with Priests from a religious community.

We would like to thank the Apostle’s of Jesus for agreeing to come to St Osburg’s. I would like to thank Fr Jimmy Lutwama, Parish Priest of St Mary’s and St Benedict’s for his care of the Parish during this time of transition. Fr Moses from St Elizabeth’s has also been a great support.

After the Mass had finished the Parish provided a buffet for all in attendance.

In his weekly newsletter Fr Jimmy Lutwama acknowledged the wonderful event: ‘The Induction on Thursday night was a great affair for all the parish. Thank you to all those who helped prepare and took part in the service and the excellent buffet in the hall afterwards.’