From Torch Trust, Sight Loss Friendly Church:

It’s already May and the sight loss friendly church team has been busy holding Tasters, Training sessions and creating new content. We thank you so much for your continued support as we’re striving for churches across the UK to become sight loss friendly.

So far this year 40 churches have signed up to become sight loss friendly, but our vision is to reach all 50,000 churches in the UK. Your help is vital so that blind and partially sighted people can be fully included in their church community.

Watch our brand new insightful video where blind and partially sighted people talk about the joys and challenges of church life to get an understanding of how much your support can make a difference.

We are pleased to announce that we have released more dates for our popular Sight Loss Friendly Church Tasters. Over 300 people have now attended a Taster session. We would be very grateful if you could promote them in your newsletters and on social media. 

Tasters are held on the following dates

Thursday 26 May 11AM

Monday 6 June 7PM

Monday 13 June 2PM

Wednesday 22 June 2PM

Monday 4 July 2PM

Thursday 14 July 2PM

To book your place, go to

Torch Trust Church Taster Events