By Józef Łopuszyński
The Chairman of the Bishops’ Conference Committee for Liturgy, Bishop Alan Hopes, has called for a new book of Introit Chants to be used throughout England.
Entitled “Graduale Parvum - Introits,” the book contains all the introits for Sundays and Holy Days in English and Latin.
In the forward to the book, the Bishop of East Anglia, Alan Hopes writes, “Sometimes it is not possible for various reasons to re-introduce Latin in the parish where it has not been heard perhaps for decades, but with the Graduale Parvum, choirs and congregations will be equally at home singing the same melodies in English either for a whole Mass or with some chants in Latin and others in English, or as a support for fully Latin celebrations.”
“I warmly commend Graduale Parvum for the use of all Catholic Churches in this country.”
The book was launched at Oscott Seminary in the presence of His Grace Archbishop Longley who said, “I am delighted today  that we’re gathered here at St.  Mary’s College, Oscott.   I’m very grateful to Father Rector Canon David Oakley and to the Seminarians who are taking part on this occasion and who will be with us assisting at Mass.”
"I want, first of all, Father Guy, to say to you, “Congratulations.” It’s a wonderful achievement and I think we can be very proud that, the launch has happened here, but all the work that’s contributed to this achievement has taken place here in the Midlands which is very much your home territory.”
His Grace continued, “I was reminded today that Father Guy is a Wulfrunian, but he’s not the only one, so I was delighted to see Father Guy together with Dom Paul Gunter and Father Andrew Wadsworth.  Their mothers were friends together.  So we have a great deal to be thankful for to the trio of mothers, and indeed to the City of Wolverhampton.”
“Today, I want to offer alongside Father Guy a word of welcome to everybody who’s here today.  We’re very blessed to have St Mary’s College, the Seminary, here in the Midlands, and for it to be a place in which we can celebrate this important contribution to the Church’s Liturgy.”
“I’m delighted too, that Father Guy is a treasured member of the seminary staff, and I’m very grateful to him for all that he contributes to the formation of our seminarians today.  I know that they appreciate it very much and that his colleagues on the staff and the rector do, and I think that we can be very much reassured that the riches of the liturgy are being shared very effectively through Father Guy’s work alongside his colleagues with Father Bruce Burbage and Father Andrew as I mentioned earlier.”
“I‘m also mindful of the presence today of Father Ignatius Harrison, the Father of the Birmingham Oratory, and I think we’re very blessed as an Archdiocese to have the presence of two Oratory Communities here in Birmingham and in Oxford, and I thank you Father Ignatius for the support which you’ve given to this project.”
“And to the members of the Blessed John Henry Newman Institute of Liturgical Music, and the Association for Latin Liturgy, thank you also for being here today.”
“I see my own Director of Music at St Chad’s Cathedral, Professor David Saint, and thank you David too,  for the encouragement which you’ve given not only for this occasion but indeed in the cause of liturgical music across the Archdiocese.”
“Today many interested parties are here together, and I’m delighted that I’m here alongside Bishop Alan Hopes who is my episcopal “twin.”  We were ordained as bishops together in the same ceremony by the late Cardinal Cormac at Westminster Cathedral on the Feast of St Francis de  Sales,  24th January 2013, and so it’s not very often the two of us come together, but  I am delighted to welcome Bishop Hopes to the Archdiocese today, and I know how much his presence means not only to Father Guy, but to both Associations gathered here on this occasion.”
“So, if I may, Father Guy, Congratulations to you, to Christopher Francis, and to all those who’ve collaborated with you and supported you in this wonderful venture, and that is something we will bring to the Lord through the intercession of Our Lady in the Mass we’re about to celebrate today, Thank you.”
The “Graduale Parvum” and a set of five CDs containing all the chants can be obtained from the Association for Latin Liturgy.


For more photographs of the event see here.

Association for Latin Liturgy
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