News from Friends of the Holy Land (FHL), July 2020

Families in Bethlehem get access to fresh water just once every 25 days so a vital water tank project is now more important than ever.

Friends of the Holy Land launched a special project to fund water tanks for our Brothers and Sisters in Bethlehem and thanks to the generosity of the support of our donors FHL have been able to start putting these water tanks in place with the support of Pro Terra Sancta.

A lack of water is one of the major daily problems faced by our Brothers and Sisters in the West Bank.

This is caused by the inefficiency of the distribution system and the management of the water network. As a result families may have received water supplies only for two or three days in a fortnight which has been reduced to barely once a month during the current crisis.

Existing back up water tanks on many roofs are old and rusted particularly in older towns such as Bethlehem and the bowser transported water is often contaminated. Consequently over 40% of children suffer from chronic diarrhoea and other diseases related to lack of water and hygiene.

Thanks to your generosity we were able to work in partnership with our friends at Pro Terra Sancta and have installed 20 water tanks for Christian families in the Bethlehem area.

We all know that access to clean water is a vital lifeline for everyone, and particularly during these challenging times of Coronavirus when handwashing and hygiene are more important than ever, these water tanks are a vital way that we can make sure that Christian families have regular access to clean water.

This project has been made possible with the support of our friends at Pro Terra Sancta who also helped fund the project and used local Christian tradespeople to fit the tanks.