Appeal by Friends of the Holy Land

As the Covid-19 crisis deepens in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan we have widened the scope of our Bethlehem Coronavirus Shutdown Appeal to include all areas of the Holy Land.

We have therefore launched our 'FHL Pentecost Challenge', a campaign with a limited time focus to ensure the Charity continues our activities and provide resources for immediate relief to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters devastated by this crisis.

We have had many messages from our contacts in the Holy Land which have prompted this move.

To help inspire us all to bring our maximum effort to bear behind this campaign, we are most fortunate that three long standing supporters of Friends of the Holy Land have together pledged to match donations to the FHL Pentecost Challenge up to £100,000 received by 31 May 2020. This will double your donation and the impact it will generate.

They have written to the Charity, ‘the Coronavirus pandemic is impacting FHL’s core fundraising activities in Parishes and FHL Groups as the country remains in lockdown. This is at the very time when funds are needed most to alleviate the devastating impact for our brothers and sisters across the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan. So, to give hope to all for a sustainable future we pledge to match fund donations with a value to FHL of up to £100K’. 

Brendan Metcalfe, FHL Executive Director, said: “Many of our supporters have already responded most generously to our Appeal for which we are most grateful. The initial focus of the campaign to support the people of Bethlehem continues with the work of our office team on the ground and ALL monies donated up until 3 April will provide assistance in that area. Going forward, we seek to also bring relief to Christians across the West Bank (including Bethlehem) and in Gaza, Israel and Jordan who have no social financial support to weather the economic storm in the year ahead in the event they survive the medical crisis.”

Friends of the Holy Land is the official charity of the Catholic Church and Church of England supporting communities in the land of Christ’s birth, which is now facing a humanitarian catastrophe from Covid-19.