by Con McHugh

Earlier this month at St George and St Teresa in Dorridge a lovely gathering took place, where parishioners said ‘farewell and thank you’ to former Parish Priest, Mgr Daniel McHugh.

He had said 'thank you and farewell' in his homily at parish masses some weeks before.

This was the people’s response. It was an afternoon of joy, music, song and dance with generous praise for the Parish Priest’s 17 years where the 'stuff' of a priest's life was highlighted and appreciated: the Mass (thank you for your sermons), Baptisms (our children and families appreciated your warmth), Funerals (many, many non Catholics saw your love, care and concern for the bereaved), Weddings (many people remembered the humour that stayed with them).

Children, young people and families were all well represented and in particular the parish primary school.

Parishioners presented Mgr Danny with a Tabernacle for his home – something he had asked for as a parting gift, so that he could begin and end his day before the blessed Sacrament.

The Afternoon ended with 'benediction', linking 'Adoremus' and the Youth Synod.

Two young people who had been part of the Diocesan preparations for the Synod spoke: one, Thomas Hogan, aged 24, said how much he felt the need of a 'community' of young people in the Church to whom he could look for support and growth in his life of Faith.

The other, Richard Loughran, spoke warmly of the preparations for the Synod Day at Oscott College, where he was encouraged to use his musical ability in the various liturgies. He thought using his talents in this way would lead to his playing a part in the Parish of the Future.

Mgr McHugh drew those contributions together in the context of Parish Life and the involvement of young people, particularly through support at a Deanery level.

The evening ended on a note of hope and optimism for the future, strengthened through the Holy Eucharist.

Mgr Danny retires as Parish Priest, but will continue to contribute to the life of the Church locally using his experience of over 50 years and ensuring that he supports all those engaged in handing on the Faith to future generations.

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Monsignor McHugh Farewell and Thank you