To help people with their ongoing formation during the coronavirus pandemic the Archdiocese evangelisation team are on hand to help.

Paul Northam, Evangelisation Fieldworker, and Natalie Orefice, Advisor for Parish Evangelisation, remain fully accessible as they work from home.

To get people thinking differently and utilising what’s available to them, Paul has launched Evangelisation Chat on YouTube, and Natalie is making use of video call facilities.

Three short videos are now available in which Paul chats about Lent, Holy Week, Easter, maintenance and mission, being united with other Catholics in this time of crisis, the emphasis on prayer at home and the challenge for Church life.

“Just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t evangelise,” said Paul. “It doesn’t stop us being missionary disciples.

“Now that we are in this season of Easter, having shared in the joy of Christ's resurrection, we also look forward to God's manifestation of the Church's mission, revealed in the feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost.

“But in our current predicament, it may be difficult to see exactly what that mission looks like for us in our contexts. For the short to medium term, at least, how is God calling us to "make disciples of all nations", and in what way can we exercise our missionary discipleship?

“We may even struggle to see how we might support one another going forward.

“It appears that God has called us to respond in ways that are not quite clear to us yet - but we still have a mission given to us by God!

“My latest Evangelisation Chat focuses on this very subject.”

Natalie added: “I am available via Skype and Zoom for those who prefer video call.

“Throughout the lockdown I am taking advantage of new media to engage, support and encourage people in their parishes.”

There’s also a huge range of resources on the Archdiocese website for people to access whilst they #StayAtHome.

To contact the evangelisation team:

Paul - [email protected] - 07821 582096.
Natalie - [email protected] – 07718 910585.

File photo taken in 2019: A divine renovation discussion group led by Paul at the home of Maureen O’Leary, left, along with group participant Maria Northam.