by Con McHugh
Christ the King Parish, Coventry

For the last five years Christ the King Parish in Coventry have been supporting the ‘Friends of Ibba Girls School’ with a £5,000 per year commitment for five years to help pay a teacher’s salary in the Ibba Girls school. The total amount collected and donated by the Parish has been £25,000.

Gifts from churches of all denominations have been a major source of support for Ibba Girls School. Many of these involve ongoing relationships, often with the prospect of multi-annual gifts or tithes.

Christ the King Parish Priest Tom Farrell wishes to thank his parishioners for their ongoing generosity that has made a big difference to those in need of help. Education is very important.

The Friends of Ibba Girls School is a small UK charity helping the local community build and develop a residential school for girls, aged 10 to 18, from Amadi, Gbudwe and Maridi states of South Sudan – the world’s newest nation.

Taken from an article published on their website on 13 February, it says ‘Let’s join hands this week in celebrating the start of the 5th year of Ibba Girls School, a happy and lively boarding school community now providing a good education for almost 200 of the most marginalised girls in the world, with the aim of rising to 360 students aged 10-18 by 2022. This year has been a particularly busy one, with the school welcoming a total of 70 new girls to Ibba.’