News from the Catholic Men's Society

The National President of the Catholic Men’s Society of Great Britain, Raymond Barber, seen above with Archbishop Bernard Longley, attended the Easter Monday Mass at St Chad’s Cathedral.

When the Men’s Mass began in 1919 it must have been a very poignant occasion. Easter Monday was barely six months since the Armistice of November 1918 which had brought the First World War to an end. How many fathers must have been present at the Cathedral whose sons had perished in the war, how many gaps there must have been in the ranks of families represented on that occasion and in many successive years?

Our annual Easter Monday Men’s Mass is a special occasion, unique to our Archdiocese, and is a very welcome Birmingham tradition. For many years fathers and grandfathers have been coming with their sons and grandsons to celebrate the Easter Monday Mass and to witness to their faith together in the heart of our city.

Raymond said: "The Catholic Men’s Society have been a part of this tradition for many years, I can remember as a new member the first time I attended back in 1990 how inspired I was to see Catholic men from all over the Archdiocese in St Chad’s to celebrate this great occasion."

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Easter Monday Masses also took place at Sacred Heart Church, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent and St Osburg’s, Coventry.