A new book by Deacon Sean Loone is set to deepen people’s understanding of the Christmas story and their relationship with God.

Entitled ‘Born For Us – A Journey Into the Real Meaning of Christmas’ the book is something of ‘a labour of love’ for Deacon Sean, who serves at Our Lady of the Wayside in Shirley, Solihull.

It is the first book written by Deacon Sean for a ‘mass audience’ and is ‘meant for anyone to pick up and read’.

And Deacon Sean, a part-time lecturer at St Mary’s College, Oscott, is very pleased with his scripture-based book.

“The primary objective was to write something that would help people deepen their understanding of the Christmas story, and ultimately their relationship with God,” said Deacon Sean.

“I wrote the book for God’s people. If one person benefits, then job done.”

Deacon Sean never set out to write such a book – he was writing a series of articles – but it became something of a labour of love and developed into a book.

“The aim is to deepen people’s faith by drawing them into a deeper understanding of the mystery of the God who is literally ‘Born For Us,” said Deacon Sean.

“There’s a focus on the importance of the manger and a chapter on Joseph – who never says a word!”

Deacon Sean, who was ordained in 2004, has already delivered a number of talks and book signings and is hopeful his book will reach the intended wider audience.

Copies are available to order via the Alive Publishing website