Please keep Deacon Peter Kilgallon, who was retired from Rugeley Parish, in your prayers.

Deacon Peter sadly died on Wednesday 26 August. We commend him to the Lord and pray for his family and all who mourn. 

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral arrangements for Deacon Peter Kilgallon are as follows:

Reception at St Joseph’s, Rugeley, at 4pm on Wednesday 9 September 2020 (Family invitations only. Numbers limited to 30 people).

Parish Evening Mass at 7pm on Wednesday 9 September 2020 (Numbers limited to 55 people and prior booking with parish office is required).

Funeral Mass at 12noon on Thursday 10 September 2020. Principal Celebrant - Right Rev David McGough (Family invitations only. Numbers limited to 30 people). Burial at Stile Cop Cemetery, Rugeley, at 1.30pm.

Please be aware that the Reception into Church on Wednesday afternoon and the Funeral Mass on Thursday will be by family invitation only (30 people maximum).

The Parish Mass on Wednesday evening will be ‘by ticket,’ that is first come first served by telephone request. Names will be recorded and limited to comply with safe distancing (55 people maximum).

Please contact Rugeley Parish Office on 01889 802531 for further details.

We commend Deacon Peter to the Lord. May he rest in peace.