News from the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer project

The time is now! Join the crowdfunding campaign to raise £2.5 million to Make Hope Visible! If this money is raised, Eternal Wall will start its construction.

The piece of public art will be constructed using one million bricks, with each brick featuring an answered prayer.

Now we’ve got the land and have planning permission it’s time to start building. We’re running a crowdfunding campaign from September 13 - October 22 to raise the £2.5m we need to begin. And, as all running costs are covered, every single penny donated will go into construction. Let’s get ready - LET’S START BUILDING!

To be a part of making history please donate here

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This Christian landmark will be visible from over six miles away and will be built within the Archdiocese of Birmingham at Coleshill.

The Archdiocese is supportive of the project and Monsignor Timothy Menezes, Dean of St Chad’s Cathedral, is a member of the project’s Council of Reference.