Children from schools across Coventry have been celebrating their faith as part of a day filled with music and activities.

Schools from the Romero Catholic Academy welcomed Onelife Music to hold spiritual retreat days, giving children the chance to reflect, pray and learn more about their faith.

Onelife Music holds inspiring workshops in schools which develop both children’s and teachers’ confidence and knowledge in music and also deepens their community of faith.

The company visited each of the schools in the academy, which includes Corpus Christi, Good Shepherd, Sacred Heart, St Gregory’s, St John Fisher, St Patrick’s and SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Schools and Cardinal Wiseman Catholic Secondary School, to hold individual retreat days.

The primary school retreat was named ‘His goodness never fails’ reflecting on Psalm 23, the Lord is my shepherd.

Each of the days began with the whole school joining together to pray, to understand the theme of the retreat through a lively and inclusive presentation and to learn the hymn ‘His Goodness never Fails’, before every class was given a verse to discuss.

The children then returned to the classroom and worked their way through booklets including fun activities and prayer writing exercises all based around the theme of the day.

They produced posters and presentations based on their hymn verse before the classes joined together again to discuss what they had learnt and take part in a prayer service.

Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School took part in a retreat named ‘I belong’ which was held for pupils in Year 8 and focused on being part of a school community and a family of faiths while also exploring the Catholic faith.

Pupils enjoyed singing sessions, played games and took part in activities based around the themes of the day before ending with a celebratory Mass.

The retreats were funded by grants from The 29th May 1961 Charity and Park House Charitable Trust.

Dan Callow, founder of Onelife Music, said: “It was excellent to visit each of the Romero Catholic Academy schools for the retreat days.

“They were all very welcoming, and the children and staff had a fantastic time taking part in fun activities, learning new music and playing games while reflecting on their faith and values.

“We were also able to work with the teachers on curriculum development so that they are able to incorporate elements of the retreats into lessons and other activities.”

Speaking about the retreat held at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Principal Paul Madia added: “Our retreat was a beautiful day and very uplifting for both staff and pupils who thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The day was filled with music and activities, and everyone came away feeling spiritually uplifted.”

Photo caption: Emily Clark and Dan Callow, of OneLife Music, with pupils from Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.