A pair of Coventry schools have been awarded top marks from a leading national education framework.

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School and St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, part of the Romero Catholic Academy, have been identified as ‘outstanding’ in all report categories by the Catholic Schools Inspectorate (CSI).

The schools, which are based in Wood End and Wyken respectively, were awarded Grade 1 across the board in the latest round of inspections – which took place at the end of 2022 – receiving stellar feedback for their work across ‘Catholic life and mission’, ‘religious education’ and ‘collective worship’.

The CSI brings together the diocesan school inspectors of England and Wales into one body, acting under the new National Inspection Framework which was agreed by Bishops last year.

The framework, developed with the support of the Catholic Education Service (CES) and the National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisors (NBRIA), aims to improve the rigour, consistency, objectivity, oversight, and accountability of inspections.

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School improved on their overall score of ‘good’ awarded in the last inspection in 2016, claiming maximum scores of one in all nine sub-categories. Pupils received glowing feedback on their religious education, with inspectors claiming that ‘pupils view their religious education books as their ‘gift to God’’.

Inspectors also praised St Patrick’s ‘inclusive, welcoming community deeply rooted in following the teachings of Christ in day-to-day life’, describing ‘participation in prayer and liturgy’ as ‘exceptionally heartfelt and enthusiastic’, with leadership ‘of a very high standard’ providing ‘an inspirational witness to the teachings of Jesus’.

St Gregory’s maintained its Grade 1 status awarded in 2015, receiving praise for the school environment, which ‘enhances Catholic life and mission’ as ‘pupils learn and grow in a vibrant, faith-filled atmosphere’.

Megan Scullion, Principal at St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, was identified as ‘an excellent role model for pupils and staff and effectively demonstrates Catholic virtues and values’.

She said: “We are extremely proud of these results as a lot of hard work has gone in to creating the environment that the inspectors have praised. The feedback that we have received is testament to the commitment of staff throughout the school.

“It was particularly pleasing to see that our pupils were identified as confident in articulating their viewpoints, especially in religious education lessons, as we are always looking to make learning a dialogue, rather than a one-way conversation.”

Mark McLoughlin, Principal at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, said: “Everyone at St Patrick’s school and parish is absolutely thrilled with the report from the CSI.

“We could not be prouder of the results we have seen across each of the categories, and my sincerest thanks go out to the pupils, staff and governors who have contributed to our success.”

Helen Quinn, Catholic Senior Executive Leader, said: “At the heart of our organisation is the priority we place on unlocking the God-given potential in our pupils and staff to further our Catholic mission; this has been reflected in the glowing reports. Furthermore, both these reports bear witness to how we empower all in our school to live out the values of Catholic social teaching in our local communities and parishes too.”

Photograph: Pupils from St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, part of the Romero Catholic Academy, celebrate their outstanding Catholic Schools Inspectorate results. St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School also received Grade 1.