By Fr Gary Buckby

After a year of spiritual preparation St Peter's Church in Bartley Green was consecrated on the Feast of St Peter and Paul (29 June) by His Grace the Archbishop.

The church itself was built in 1976 and it was wonderful for many long-term parishioners who had themselves overseen and supported the original vision for, and construction of, the church in the 1970's to see their place of worship hallowed in this way.

Parishioners had prepared spiritually with a parish mission led by the Redemptorists, journeying through the Big Picture Programme, providing opportunities for parishioners to give testimony, praying a weekly holy hour and most recently hosting and running an Alpha Course.

Recent years have also seen the commissioning of matching stone work, an altar, a plinth for the tabernacle, a credence table and a font. Many have remarked at the beauty and quality of the fixtures and fittings in the church.

During the ceremony relics of St Thomas Aquinas and St Catherine Laboure were placed in the altar and sealed by the stonemason.

The occasion was one that will linger long in the memory, and the joy of parishioners and friends of the parish on the night was palpable.