Children at The Faber Catholic Primary School, Cotton, have enjoyed learning about Dickens and the Victorians with their studies culminating in a fancy dress ‘Fezziwig Faber Ball’, named after one of the characters in their chosen text.

The whole school, from age four to 11, have studied the themes and story lines explored in the Dickens classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’ in age appropriate activities, including taking part in or watching the school pantomime, ‘A Grumpy Old Scrooge’.

The children studied the character of Scrooge and the ghosts who transform him.

Lisa Machin, Principal at the school, said: “It is really important to make learning fun and memorable and with these activities we have achieved just that.

"Dressing as Dickensian characters helped our pupils understand how Victorian children might have felt each day; to feel the hardships they felt, to walk in their shoes - it certainly helped with their understanding of characters from ‘A Christmas Carol’.

“Our pantomime also allowed the children to meet the characters face to face, participating, engaging in and seeing Scrooge’s transformation up close.

"The whole Dickensian event has been fascinating for our pupils and the work they have produced as a result has been outstanding.”