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A recent concert organised by Friends of the Holy Land was a great success both in terms of attendance and funds generated for their mission.

The ecumenical Christian charity organised a rare evening of wonderful virtuoso singing and entertainment in Westminster Cathedral on Thursday 16 February, featuring the London Welsh Male Voice Choir, supported by The Priests, in a combined performance compered by Mal Pope of BBC Wales.

"It was a full house," said FHL Executive Director, Brendan Metcalfe. "There were over 900 people filling the Cathedral who had the rare opportunity to listen to London Welsh Male Voice Choir and The Priests in a marvellous setting with a great atmosphere.

"Our compère for the evening, Mal Pope, kept us entertained and ensured the evening ran smoothly. It was a great privilege to have the generous support of these magnificent talents as well as the Cathedral team and the many volunteers so generous with their time, to make the event a great success.

"As a result, the concert has generated funds of almost £32,000 from the ticket sales, donations and other income on the night and spread awareness of the essential mission of Friends of the Holy Land to many new contacts - as over half the people in the audience were previously unknown to us.

"I thank all that came out and attended the concert and supported this event. My question for them is – What next? I hope they will register to receive our news and keep up to date with the daily challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, which are getting worse; thereby they can spread the news to their friends and local community so the ‘living stones’ are not forgotten.

"I also apologise for the shortage of concert brochures on the night, we have a very small staff and there was a last-minute problem with delivery. Should you wish to have a copy now please email the office [email protected] and provide your address or call 01926 512980 and we will send one to you.”

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Photo album by Con McHugh

Friends of the Holy Land - Concert at Westminster Cathedral