The Annual Intercultural Mass was back in person this weekend as the faithful gathered for this joyful occasion.

The Mass was very well attended and held at St Osburg’s in Coventry on Saturday 16 October to commemorate Coventry’s year as the City of Culture.

The Diocesan Intercultural Celebration marks One World Week and Mission Sunday.

The Mass, and social event that followed, highlights the many different ethnic communities who are now part of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Mgr Daniel McHugh, Diocesan Co-ordinator for Ethnic Chaplaincies, said: “It is an occasion to celebrate their presence among us and to give thanks for the rich cultural diversity they bring to our Church life and Liturgy, as well as the contribution they make to wider society through their work and neighbourliness. And of course, many Catholic parishes now benefit from the Priests and Religious Sisters who have accompanied them.”

The theme of One World Week this year is the Environment: Act now for our Children’s Future.

As part of this year’s event Coventry Catholic schools played a key part with representatives from: Bishop Ullathorne, St Anne's, Christ the King, St Osburg's, Our Lady of the Assumption, All Souls, Sacred Heart, Holy Family, Corpus Christi and Ss Mary and Benedict.

The intention was to replicate ‘partnerships’ with other Catholic Schools in the East, including the partnership with the Immaculate Conception school in Beirut, Lebanon, which was enabled earlier this year by Fellowship and Aid to the Christians of the East (FACE).

Mission Sunday in October is dedicated to Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ across the world who are living in situations of poverty, violence and oppression. The Churches in turn care for and reach out in care to their neighbours of all Faiths and none.

The Communities represented at Mass:

• Chaldean Chaplaincy (Iraq) (Hebrew Hymn and Hail Mary in Arabic)
• South Sudan (Arabic Language Hymn)
• Maronite (Lebanon, Aramaic Our Father)
• Syro-Malabar Eparchy (Kerala, India, Hymn)
• Uganda (Africa, Sung Gloria)
• Gabon (Africa, Lord have mercy)
• Poland (Reading, Bidding Prayer and Choir ”Senza Nome” for Entertainment)
• Punjabi Chaplaincy (India, Communion Hymn and Entertainment)
• Philippines (Filipino Agnus Dei)
• Cameroon (Africa, Sung Our Father)
• Ukrainian Eparchy (Bidding Prayer, Ukrainian Group King Baryan, Entertainment)
• Goa (Konkani) (in Choir and Bidding Prayers)
• Zimbabwe (Shona Language), Swahili (Africa)
• United Kingdom (Reading and Gospel, St Osburg’s Ladies Committee Hospitality)
• Nigeria (Africa, Ibo language: Offertory Hymn)
• Ireland (Dancing)
• Zambia (Offertory Hymn)
• St Elizabeth Parish, Faleshill School Children’s Group will dance at the Entrance Hymn and after Holy Communion
• St Mary’s Parish Youth (Hillfields Coventry, Choreography Performance)

Councillors Joe Clifford and Seamus Walsh, representing Coventry City Council, also attended the celebrations.

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Annual Intercultural Mass and Social Gathering St Osburg’s Church