On Wednesday 10 May 2023, a Vocationist Day of Spirituality was held at Saint Mary’s The Mount, Walsall.

The day was introduced by Father Luigi SVD who is based in London at The Mother House.

Sister Seraphim from Holywell, North Wales, guided us on our spiritual journey of renewal which as was an enlightening experience.

The talks enabled us to have a clearer understanding of the spirituality of Saint Justin Maria Russolillo and the Holy Mother Church.

The day ended with Father Fabian celebrating his first Solemn Mass with nine fellow priests.

The day was when “Our Church” was opened on May 10, 1827.

This was the first Church where the Venerable Ignatius Spencer started his Catholic Mission under the tutelage of Father Francis Martyn, the priest who built the marvellous church.

Refreshments were served in the Parish Centre by the kind helpers of the parish.

Father Jobin, parish priest, congratulated Father Fabien on his ordination and thanked everyone for coming to support the wonderful parish occasion.

By Michael Doyle

The photo was taken by Michael Doyle and shows Father Fabien with fellow Vocationists, Canon Leadbeater and an altar server.