As we approach National Youth Sunday this weekend (24th Nov) it’s a great time to engage with our young people and hear their voice.

And for the past two years that’s exactly what the Kenelm Youth Trust (KYT) and the Vocations Department of the Archdiocese have been doing.

In preparation for the Papal Synod: Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment, held in the autumn of 2018, and ever since, the conversation with our young people hasn’t stopped.

KYT and the Vocations Team have now released their post-Synod report and it makes very interesting reading.

Our young people have a voice and want to use it. They want to be engaged and active within their communities.

The broad themes which emerge from the report include ‘Listen to us’; ‘See me’; ‘Impact on the world’ and ‘We want our lives to matter’.

And this ‘living document, an expression of the dynamic, vibrant and sometimes unpredictable work of youth ministry’ will now be pivotal moving forward as we respond to the Synod.

To read the report and watch a video charting our young people’s Synod journey visit the Kenelm Youth Trust

Please continue to support our young people and the work of KYT and the Vocations Department.