A Seminarian of the Archdiocese of Birmingham has launched a new YouTube channel to continue to deliver Mission during the pandemic.

Steven Fleming, who is in his fifth year of study at St Mary’s College, Oscott, has launched Catholic Kickstarter Live, which broadcasts every week.

An array of guests have already taken part in the Wednesday night show, which aims to answer the questions people have about the Catholic faith in a fun and engaging way, and allowing them the chance to understand what the Church believes.

Discussion themes so far have included: Is God Real? Isn’t religion only for 'religious people'? What right has the Church to tell me? Does Hell exist? Avoiding Sin.

“I am naturally someone who loves to go out on Mission and help people come to know more about the Catholic faith,” said Steven.

“Then Covid hit and I was unsure what I was going to do. I still had my passion for Mission, but social distancing and lockdowns were not conducive to evangelisation.

“So after a lot of prayer and reflection I decided to set up Catholic Kickstarter as a little outreach project mainly on YouTube.”

Steven started with one video - which proved successful. But given his study commitments it would be hard to maintain a weekly video, so Catholic Kickstarter Live was born.

The live streamed show on Wednesday nights features guests who help Steven to answer the most asked questions about the Catholic faith.

In the first few weeks the YouTube channel had over 4,000 views, with the number climbing.

“We have already got feedback from viewers on how the Catholic Kickstarter show has caused them to think and revaluate their faith and let them realise that God loves them,” said Steven.

“We have some great guests who bring their own personality to the show, and also highlight how wonderfully diverse our faith is.

“People have also shared their testimony - the story of why they are Catholic - with us on the show and that has definitely become a highlight.”

Previous guests of the show: