The Archdiocese of Birmingham is aiming to feature a charity in need every Thursday.

‘Never give in then. Never admit defeat… knowing that in the Lord you cannot be labouring in vain.’ 1 Corinthians 15:58

St Joseph’s is a beautiful care home based in Coleshill, overlooking the lovely Warwickshire countryside.

St Paul’s words have never been more true for the staff at St Joseph’s. They have been indefatigable during this crisis.

April was a month like no other in our history for the residents, their families, and the staff.

The photo above captures the silence, the Thursday clapping for carers (below), the laying of flowers at the statue of the Sacred Heart for those who have died (below) and the gratitude of families who have trusted us to care for their loved ones during this period of great restrictions.

We have not spared any cost in order to ensure extra staffing, and sufficient PPE, however expensive sourcing it became.

And you can only imagine the joy and excitement we all felt when we heard recently that no resident now was COVID positive.

At last the time has come for our nation to begin to recognise how important it is for older people, who are no longer able to live at home, to be able to continue to live their lives to the full in a Catholic care home of their choosing.

If you would like to support Father Hudson’s determination to provide a care home that combines its Catholic ethos with very professional and sensitive care, please support us now.

Whatever the financial loss we experience this year, which will be great, we will ensure that St Joseph’s continues to be there for when it is needed.

We do not labour in vain, for it is the Lord’s work we are involved in.