Catholic Charismatic Renewal Birmingham (the CHARIS group) invite all established and potential Worship Leaders and Worship Musicians to become a part of a Diocesan Worship Collective.

Any musicians, singers or those who have a desire or a call to help lead worship and would like to step out and grow this ministry are invited to express their interest.

The CHARIS group would like to help grow this ministry and foster a community of like-minded people across the Archdiocese who love to give praise.

The Diocesan Worship Collective will mentor, encourage, develop and support any budding or established worship leaders so that they can become part of a worship resource serving the Church.

To express an interest please contact Justine Gaffney by email at: [email protected] or call her for an informal chat on 07551 096269.

Justine will establish pattern a of working together to develop resilient worship teams around the diocese.

Mark Gannon, from CHARIS, said: “All are welcome. God loves us to sing His praises.

“Have you been hiding in the pews? It’s time to lift our voices and raise our hands and be part of the Diocesan Worship Collective.

“Let's lift up our hearts!”

What is CHARIS?

CHARIS was instituted at Pentecost 2019 by Pope Francis as the official group in the church which brings together all the many and varied parts of Charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church. It brought together the existing National groups and the Fraternity of Covenant Communities into an overarching group whose function is to bring together the dispersed elements of renewal and to harness the streams of grace that run through them for the benefit of the wider church.

CHARIS functions locally as National and Diocesan Services of Communion (CNSC, CDSC).

The Local CDSC (Charis Group) brings together the many and varied elements of renewal in our own Archdiocese from prayer groups to ministries to events and conferences and including the several communities of people living together in our diocese.

The CDSC looks this year to bring days of renewal to the different parts of our diocese, and to work to widen its reach into areas of renewal with whom it has not yet engaged. It will bring together worship leaders and musicians into a worship collective to help people grow in their personal ministry and support renewal throughout the diocese, and it will bring an offering for parishes to help them develop parish and deanery prayer groups and fellowship groups so that we can share and support one another as we receive these blessings.

Find out more on the CHARIS website