December 2022 update: Four inspirational books written by Deacon Sean Loone have now raised £5,560 for charity, surpassing his hope to donate £5,000 from the proceeds by the end of the year.

Four inspirational books written by Deacon Sean Loone have so far raised £5,315 for charity (July 2022).

Deacon Sean, who serves at Our Lady of the Wayside in Shirley and also lectures part-time at St Mary’s College, Oscott, is donating profits from four of his books written in the last two years.

He has sold 2,120 books to date and donated £5,315 to charity. Copies of his most recent book have also been sold as far afield as the USA, Mexico and India.

Released in July 2020 'Only in the Crucified God - Questions and Answers on Faith, Hope and Love’ has sold 603 copies and seen £1,724.41 donated to CAFOD.

'Sharing in the Life of God - A Journey Into the Real Meaning of Easter’ was published in January 2021 and has sold 401 copies. The donation to the Father O'Mahony Memorial Trust stands at £1,324.09.

In July 2021 Deacon Sean issued 'Servants of the Word: 'The Gospel of Christ and the Call to Discipleship’. This has sold 265 copies and resulted in a donation of £500.58 to Father Hudson’s Care.

In March this year Deacon Sean published 'Words of Life - The Parables of Jesus for People Today’. This has sold 851 copies to date and seen £1,766.44 donated to CAFOD’s Ukraine appeal.

Deacon Sean said: “I am absolutely delighted that my book sales have helped to raise an incredible amount of money for various charities.

“I know these donations will be put to good use to help those in need and I hope to have donated £5,500 by the end of this year.”

Deacon Sean, who works in several schools as Chaplain and RE advisor, said his books were not just being snapped up by a UK audience, but international too.

“This last month my most recent book, Words of Life, has sold 39 copies in the USA, two in Germany, one in India and one in Mexico,” added Deacon Sean. “There is a real international and Catholic flavour to the project.”

All books are currently available in dual format from Amazon online.