The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales gathered in Leeds for their autumn plenary meeting, at Hinsley Hall, from 14-17 November 2022.

Plenary Press Conference

You can listen to audio taken from a virtual press conference in which four of our bishops discussed their autumn plenary meeting.

Bishop Paul Mason, who chaired the press conference, spoke about the Church’s safeguarding work, Bishop John Arnold discussed four resolutions concerned with environmental matters, Bishop John Sherrington addressed the issue of buffer zones around abortion clinics and Bishop Nicholas Hudson updated journalists on the Church’s Synodal Journey.

Plenary Press Conference Audio

Resolutions on Environmental Matters

A series of post-Autumn Plenary 2022 resolutions focussing on environmental matters.

Environmental Resolutions

Resolution on Buffer Zones

Proposals to impose buffer zones outside abortion facilities raise concerns about freedom of religion, belief, association and expression.

Buffer Zones Resolution

Short Plenary Resolutions

Short Resolutions from the Bishops' Autumn Plenary held in Hinsley Hall, Leeds, from 14-17 November 2022.

Short Plenary Resolutions

Bishops Conference full Autumn Plenary Page

Resolutions and press conference audio.

Autumn Plenary 2022