Big Day Maria: this was the title given by Father Julius-Simomia Njungwo to the Mass marking the Solemnity of the Assumption for the Cameroonian Community.

The Mass took place at St Anthony’s, Wolverhampton on Saturday (17th Aug).

Fr Julius, who is Parish Priest at St Anthony’s and Chaplain to Cameroonians in the Archdiocese, invited Mgr Timothy Menezes, Vicar General, to be Principal Celebrant, and Mgr Daniel McHugh, Co-ordinator of Ethnic Chaplaincies, to preach the Homily.

Special highlights of the Mass included the beautiful music and dance accompanying the Liturgy, and a Dedication Rite for the first Cameroonian Members of the Catholic Women’s Association in the Archdiocese.

The promise of members of the Association is to configure their lifestyle after Mary, Queen and Mother.

The celebration brought together the whole community in joy, concluding with a lovely meal in the parish grounds.

Photo Gallery by Con McHugh

Catholic Women's Association Cameroonian Mass