On Thursday 8 March Junior 4 left modern day Britain behind to discover all about the Dark Ages. 
The children and staff came to school in Anglo-Saxon costumes, adopted Anglo-Saxon names and participated in everyday tasks in a ninth century Anglo-Saxon village.

Their day began gathered around the fire listening to their Chief. He told them of worrying news, that the Vikings under King Guthrum had invaded England, that the Saxon King, King Alfred, wanted his kingdom back and that rumours abounded of a forthcoming battle. He tasked them with completing their daily tasks, but also preparing for war.

In the village the children enjoyed exploring Dark Ages crafts that included carving runes for fortune telling, weaving cloth, candle making, pottery making, crafting amulets from metal for good luck, preparing ink for writing, practising the skill of illumination and working with the wise woman to make medicines and potions to heal themselves.

The children also prepared for battle. They trained to be warriors, learning the skills they would need to protect themselves from the invading Vikings. They listened to wonderful battle tales of King Alfred and then learnt about discipline and the organisation needed for battle. Then they had the chance to get hands-on practising Anglo-Saxon fighting drills and handling weapons and wearing armour.

When the Vikings were sighted, in this case Deputy Head, Charles Lamprecht, they lined up in formation and charged. After some vicious fighting the Anglo-Saxons successfully won the day only to discover that their King had made peace with the invaders.

Our Anglo Saxon day was led by History Off The Page, a specialist company who help bring history to life in the classroom. It was an action packed hands on day full of fun and fantastic hands-on learning.