Parishioners from Christ the King, Coventry, have been supporting the great project 'Feeding Coventry' - part of the charity 'Feeding Britain'. 

In just 24 hours they raised £425 and provided a beautiful Afternoon Tea pack to compliment essential food parcels for the most vulnerable in the community.

These packs ensured everyone could celebrate VE Day on Friday 8 May in front gardens on a sunny afternoon, and raise a glass with neighbours for a joyful few hours.

Volunteers worked from the car park at Foleshill Community Centre and were given a list of addresses to deliver to.

The surprise packs also included a beautiful note from Fr Tom Farrell, ensuring the recipients of our love and prayers during these weeks and inviting them to join us online for Sunday Mass.

The deliveries were made by volunteers and many parishioners, young and old.

It was an absolute privilege to knock on the door and see the faces and smiles from those in our communities, shocked at the attention, love and care given to them as they opened scones, cookies, a variety of jams, tea and other goodies.

It is wonderful to be part of a church that is outward looking and so creative in coming up with small ideas that can unite our communities and bring so much joy.