In the latest episode of The Burning Bush, Mgr Daniel McHugh, Co-ordinator for Ethnic Chaplaincies, discusses his recent Pilgrimage to Cascia and his admiration for St Rita.

"A few years ago I led a Parish Pilgrimage which took in nearby Norcia and on to Assisi. I wanted to return to the area to Cascia to the Shrine of Rita," said Mgr Daniel.

"At the age of 15 I felt called to the Priesthood. At a Vocations’ Exhibition I met the Recollect Augustinians, and left Grammar School under the Vincentian Fathers at Ullathorne, Coventry, to join the Religious Community.

"There in Honiton I came to know of St Rita of Cascia. The year there changed my life, and St Rita was Patron of the College.

"I feel she has much to say to families today, especially where there are difficulties of one sort or another.

"I owe a lot to St Rita and I feel I should make her charism better known."

Photograph: On the way into Cascia.