During Mass on Thursday 26 December 2019, St Stephen’s Day, it is our custom to award the Guild of St Stephen medals to those who have served Mass faithfully for at least 12 months.

On this occasion the bronze award was given to Finley Doherty, Josh Kuruvilla, Aston Mol-Farmer and Oliver Thompson.

The same award was made at the Sacred Heart in Tenbury to David Sobejko.

We congratulate and thank these servers, and hope that they will continue their good service.

We were joined at Mass by two adult servers - from St Elizabeth’s, Cleobury Mortimer, and John Warr, a new parishioner at Tenbury who was a server in his previous parish, St Thomas More in Coventry.

Christmas Day Community Lunch 2019
Fifty guests enjoyed the annual festive hospitality at St Ambrose’s, provided by Churches Together in Kidderminster.

A team of 20 ecumenical volunteers worked together to provide a superb meal and entertainment.

From the moment of arrival guests were warmly welcomed by volunteer Christianne's famous hugs, and the beautifully decorated room and tables gave an ambience to warm the coldest day.

Volunteer Sarah provided the live music and later had everyone singing carols with gusto.

Chef Giovanni stole time away from all his Christmas chaos to direct Mary and team in the finer art of culinary delight, which resulted in a first class Christmas meal.

The day ended with The Queen’s Speech, transport provided where required, and again much hugging and appreciation of each other.

A day of delight and unite, especially for those who would have had little to celebrate.