As Catholics the subject of death, so often a taboo subject in our secular society, is one we should have the confidence to face due to the keystone of the faith – the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on Easter Day.

Each Easter of our lives we renew that faith, which tells us that through our Baptism we already share that risen life of Jesus, a bond that nothing – including death – can ever destroy.

Even so, the prospect of our death can worry us, and it’s easy to put off making arrangements such as our will, or our funeral, to another day.

You can download and fill in the leaflet below to make it much easier for your family or friends to make the arrangements for your funeral at what will be a sad and difficult time. More importantly, it guarantees that you will receive what is your right as a member of the Catholic Church.

The PDF can be saved and filled in on the computer, or printed and filled in by hand.

Download My Funeral Mass Form