The sacrament of matrimony is also a vocation.

Through the vows taken a man and woman are joined together for life.

Marriage begins with a wedding service in the presence of God and the faith community and the couple continue to confer the sacrament on one another whenever they offer themselves in the service of the other and the larger community.

Thus, marriage is an ongoing sacrament. The grace of the sacrament is there to strengthen the couple and should be open to creating and raising a family.

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Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations

The 'Accompanying Couples over a Lifetime' document is produced by the Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations.

The Alliance is formed of many organisations that support couples at all stages of their relationship from marriage preparation to marriage enrichment as well as when marriages experience difficulties.
All of these organisations have adapted how they support couples and are now able to remotely provide their services online.

Marriage Preparation

The three main providers in the UK are Marriage Care, Worldwide Marriage Encounter & SmartLoving.


Marriage support for those experiencing difficulties