Stations of the Cross

The prayers and devotions that are part of our life of faith in our parishes and schools take on a special meaning when they are prayed in a different setting. In Lourdes, there are various locations for the Stations of the Cross: some are on ground level and accessible for wheelchairs and those who wish to make the prayer ‘on the flat’. There are also some amazing representations of the Stations of the Cross, high up on a hill which requires some strenuous climbing, and maybe something of what Christ himself endured in the struggle of the Way of the Cross.

The Stations have the ability to transport us: picture, for a moment, the Stations of the Cross in your own church or school setting. If you have seen them often over many years, they are very familiar to you. And yet, the Stations of the Cross, when prayed and experienced in a new setting can reveal to us new perspectives on this prayer, this devotion.

We pray it together and we keep in mind all those who carry a burden in their lives. We pray the Stations of the Cross with Jesus himself, whose journey to Calvary gives meaning to this prayer.

9:30am: Mass from St Chad's Cathedral with Bishop David Evans

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10:30am: Reflection with Bishop David McGough

12noon: Virtual Tour Reflection - Bartres

5pm: Livestreamed Zoom liturgy: Stations of the Cross with Deacon Trevor Smith

8pm: Virtual Marian Procession (Sorrowful mysteries)