Download Standing Order & Gift Aid Declaration form

Set up a Standing Order to continue giving

NB: If you have internet banking you don’t need to fill in the standing order section of the form, please obtain your parish’s bank details direct from the parish and set up a new standing order online.


1 Download the form and print it.

2 Fill in your bank account details and how much you wish to give etc. and sign it.

3 Then either contact your parish for the parish bank account details and add them in and post the form to your bank OR post the form to your parish and they will complete the parish section and will then post the form to your bank. Please ensure you get the correct title of your parish account from the parish, and if asked confirm the account is a business account.

Please note you can print stamps at Royal Mail

4 If you post the form to your bank yourself it would be helpful to let your parish know so that they can watch out for your donations to ensure all is well.

5 If you are a tax payer, paying sufficient tax, please consider Gift Aid. In which case please complete the Gift Aid form ensuring that it is dated on or before the date of your first payment.
If you don’t need to post your standing order form to the parish, you can scan the Gift Aid form and send it to the parish, or alternatively, just hand it in when we are allowed to go back to Mass.

God bless you, THANK YOU and keep safe.