Hednesford Pilgrimage Committee

Chair: Fr Jeremy Howard

Liturgical advisor: Mgr Timothy Menezes

Hednesford Pilgrimage 2023 - Sunday 2 July

Hednesford - Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady - Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage

2.15 - 3.45 pm - Confessions
3 pm - Rosary
4 pm - Mass with Anointing - Chief Celebrant and Preacher Archbishop Bernard Longley


1. Please bring a chair.
2. If anyone would like to say a Hail Mary in another language they are encouraged to make themselves known before the rosary starts at 3pm.
3. Are welcome to bring a posy of flowers to lay before the statue of Our Lady during the rosary.

Watch! An invite from parish priest, Fr Jeremy Howard, also the Director of the Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage

For further information please contact: Fr Jeremy Howard, 07868 542268 or email [email protected]

Grotto Mass 4pm on Sunday 3 July, 2022


Grotto Mass