On Sunday 11 October 2020 Pope Francis, speaking before the Angelus Blessing in St Peter’s Square, talked about the Gospel for that day which was the Parable of the King inviting everyone to the Wedding Banquet for his Son.

The Pope said, speaking of the Kingdom of God: “Everyone is Invited to the Feast” “No one is excluded”. These words inspired the title of this Year’s Intercultural Celebration for One World Week, starting 18 October, World Mission Day.

From the inception of One World Week in 1978, Ethnic Communities have led the response of the Archdiocese to the invitation to the Churches to draw the attention of their communities “to the fact that the world consists of one human family, which shares one planet, in which all may enjoy fullness of life” (Quote from One World Week Publicity) these words echo the teaching of Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti.

The Church, through its Ethnic Communities proclaims its “Unity, though not Uniformity in Christ”.

The online Intercultural Celebration has been put together with the help of all those involved, mostly using smartphones.

I hope you enjoy the celebration and that you join with us in prayer that we may bring the good news of the Unity and Peace all find in Christ to the wider world.

Please open the programme for the video, including translations: Intercultural Celebration Brochure 2020

One World Week -Intercultural Celebration
Archdiocese of Birmingham 18-25 October 2020