Sr Lucy, Kidlington Oxford, shares some reflections of her journey in the service of our Lord.

Celebrating her Platinum jubilee

Our Jubilee celebration Mass at Rosary Priory on 30th April, was a coming together to give thankful praise to God for having called us to serve him in the Dominican Order. We were celebrating four Jubilees, two Platinum, two Diamond and one silver. Our Mass was one of celebration and joy with the added special moment when we each received our papal blessing. Following the Mass we enjoyed a celebration meal which gave us the opportunity to share memories. My generation had experienced the pre-Vatican II and post-Vatican II Church, as well as the enormous developments in the world at large. We were amazed at the changes that had taken place in our lifetime.

Taking vows

Seventy years ago, on 1st Aug. 1952 I made profession taking vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. The 70 years since that time have been spent in living out those promises to the best of my ability. As I look back I can only thank God for His guidance, His mercy and for the many blessings I have received on the journey. It is a time for gratitude to family and friends and to the many people who have supported, inspired and who, in one way or another have shared the journey with me.


Our vocation has two parts – our relationship with God and our ministry of service. My relationship with God was supported by our daily Mass and prayer life together as Dominicans, this was also a preparation for mission work. For many years my mission service was in the field of Education and so I was assigned to teach in schools in this country and in S. Africa. I was quite familiar with the English cultural life but when I arrived in S. Africa it was a huge cultural shock as this was the era of Apartheid and very confusing for an 18 year old. However during my time there I grew to appreciate the scenic beauty of the country, its multicultural society as well as the dignity and endurance of those who lived under such harsh and unjust laws. After spending many years in Education my focus of mission changed and moved into other areas. I spent some years in Parish ministry working with others in Sacramental preparation, involvement in Ecumenism, Peace and Justice and visiting the frail and elderly.

Recent Mission

My most recent mission of service came as a result of the establishment of a new community in Kidlington, Oxford. We were a small community but were able to be of service in the parish of St Thomas More and St Hugh’s, Woodstock. We became involved in various aspects of Parish Life working alongside the parishioners, including collaborating and prayer sharing with other churches and joining them in their work at the Food Bank. I also assisted at Brooke’s Catholic chaplaincy on Sundays where Catholic students from many nations came for Mass. After Mass the students had time to socialise while enjoying some lovely food. It was a time for them to relax and share their joys and difficulties, their hopes and dreams and their faith in God in a safe environment.

I feel very grateful that in my latter years I had the great blessing of serving in this parish. I have seen so much good will, such collaboration between groups, a deep faith and love for the Church. This experience has left feeling profoundly blessed and enriched.

Sr Lucy O.P.