Children at St Gabriel’s Primary School in Tamworth have embraced the Year of Prayer.

As part of the school’s Year of Prayer work, each year group took a different part of the Our Father and responded to it through art.  

The display involved all year groups at the school, from Reception to Year Six. 

The teachers and children have been working on their artwork over recent weeks as part of trying to pray more deeply during Lent.

To showcase the work the school has produced a PowerPoint presentation, and when viewed as a slideshow you can hear the school’s Ministers of Faith praying the Our Father.

The Ministers of Faith are Year Six children who help to organise and lead prayer and liturgy opportunities in school. They also meet with visitors to school and talk to them about how pupils are living as disciples of Jesus. 

Additionally, the school has created a St Gabriel's Year of Prayer logo (below), based on a piece of artwork created by a Year Six pupil. The logo is to be developed into a prayer card.

Schools across the Archdiocese have developed a variety of initiatives to mark this Year of Prayer.

Some have displayed the words of the Our Father to reflect the languages spoken in their school; creative displays express what is meant by the petitions and Stay & Pray sessions with parents to explore the Our Father have taken place.

Our Father PowerPoint presentation