Episode 4 of a new ‘Pause for Prayer’ video resource is now available as we continue our Year of Prayer journey.

The monthly video reflection is hosted by assistant priest Fr Toby Duckworth, who serves in the parishes of St Dunstan, Kings Heath and St Jude, Maypole. Fr Toby is also the newly appointed Diocesan Spirituality Contact.

The latest episode of Pause for Prayer looks at almsgiving / charity, and how it is not just a focus during Lent. It is an integral part of Christian life as we are people of charity.

Fr Toby focuses on the unity between our charitable work and our prayer, citing the works of Brother Lawrence, from the mid 17th century.

He is also in conversation with Karen Tehan, a member of the SVP (St Vincent de Paul Society) at St Dunstan's, Kings Heath. Karen talks about the charity and how she got involved. Charitable work is rooted in the work of Jesus. Karen also discusses her faith and the importance of the parish community.

The episode concludes with a testimony from Stephanie Neville, who works for two local charities with those seeking sanctuary. She reveals how making space for prayer is important.

Fr Toby, together with Paul Northam, Diocesan Co-ordinator for the Jubilee Year 2025 ‘Pilgrims of Hope’ from the Diocesan Office for Mission, and James Trewby, Columban Justice and Peace Education Worker, will be producing regular episodes focused on teaching, testimony and intentions.

In preparation for the 2025 Jubilee Year, this year has been designated a Year of Prayer by Pope Francis. 

There is a particular focus on the Our Father, and this presents us with a great opportunity to go back to the basics of prayer.

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