The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin May

Wednesday – International Mass

Thousands of people from across the world gathered for this morning's International Mass in the Underground Basilica.

It was celebrated by Bishop Olivier de Germay, the Archbishop of Lyon.

Many of our pilgrims attended with the First Reading, and a bidding prayer, given by Birmingham pilgrims.

Archbishop Bernard, Bishop David, Bishop Steven and several of our clergy concelebrated.

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Lourdes Pilgrimage 2023, International Mass

Youth Vigil

Tonight the Kenelm Youth Trust (KYT) hosted a Youth Vigil in the St Bernadette Chapel.

Uplifting music and song, adoration and prayer, and time for discussion.

Many of our young people attended as they continue to experience the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

As part of their time here they work shifts in the Accueil, looking after our older and sick pilgrims.

Bishop Stephen Wright gave an introduction and Lucas, programme lead at KYT, discussed the importance of St Bernadette. She listened to Mary - she 'rose up' and went out and told people what she'd seen.

Lucas invited the audience to 'rise up, go and build a church'.

"Let's go and share our experiences of pilgrimage."

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Lourdes Pilgrimage 2023, Youth Vigil