Why a parish should undertake Quinquennial Inspections of their buildings.

Every parish has an obligation to take care of, and maintain their properties, which are owned, and/or used by the parish for day-to-day purposes. Each parish has a duty of care to keep their building(s) in a good state of repair, as well-cared for buildings are a part of our patrimony, to be passed on to the next generation.

Poorly maintained buildings and sites are demoralising for priests, parishioners and members of the visiting public. Neglected buildings can encourage antisocial behaviour within our communities. This can lead to unnecessary expenditure and in some instances, insurances being invalid

QI Guidance notes for parishes

Guidance notes for parishes looking at why and how to undertake a QI and what to do once you have one

QI recommended works

Specification document for surveyors commissioned by an Archdiocesan parish to undertake a QI.

QI specification document

Recommend works record to be used as part of final QI report presented to the parish.