Parish Safeguarding Communications - Minimum Standards

The following has been sent to all clergy:

In order to meet the standards set out by the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency (CSSA) all parish communications need to demonstrate clearly the Archdiocese’s commitment to safeguarding. Could you please take the necessary steps to include this information on all parish communications (newsletters, noticeboard and website).

Parish Newsletter

For the parish newsletter, please include the following short statement together with contact details for parish safeguarding representatives (PSR) – using their RCAOB email address – this should not include personal telephone numbers:

The Parish operates in accordance with Statutory Safeguarding Guidance and the National and Archdiocese's policies & procedures at all times. Our Parish Safeguarding Representative is [xxxxxxxx]. They can be contacted at: [safeguarding email address] or alternatively the Diocesan Safeguarding team can be contacted on 0121 230 6240/ [email protected] if you have any concern.

Parish Noticeboard

For the parish noticeboard, please print out and display the attached:

• Safeguarding Statement
• CSSA poster – Needs editing with PSR details and RCAOB email address – not personal phone number.
• PSR Photo – optional
• Safe Spaces poster
• The Isaiah Journey guide

Parish Website

For the parish website, please include the following:

• Safeguarding Statement
Link to Archdiocese safeguarding website
• Safe Spaces statement and link to website
• The Isaiah Journey - link to website