Thursday morning – Reconciliation Service

Having lived these days of pilgrimage, perhaps time to settle into the rhythms of prayer, to witness the action of God at work in so many lives around us, we are invited to come before the Lord in honesty as we are offered the gift of forgiveness.

It is not easy for anybody to go to Confession, but in this act of God’s mercy, we know that we are not alone. The priests and bishops who are with us on pilgrimage (who also know what it is to go to Confession) are instruments of God’s mercy and wish to support you in coming before the Lord and leaving our burdens with the Lord, hearing the words ‘Through the ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace and I absolve you from your sins…’

If you trust in God’s goodness, and want to get the most out of what this pilgrimage week offers, be confident and be encouraged to go to Confession and celebrate the mercy of God as it is offered to you.

Photo gallery – Reconciliation Service

Thursday afternoon – Closing Mass

Already, we have reached the conclusion of our pilgrimage and we reflect on all that we have experienced through the grace of God and with our fellow pilgrims this week.

The Great Feast of Pentecost is ahead of us as we return home this weekend.

As with any experience of ‘going away’ on pilgrimage or retreat, the returning home is as important: taking back to the ordinary routines of our life all that we have known here and transforming some of the situations that we might find challenging.

It is quite normal that something of ourselves will remain here in Lourdes and something of Lourdes will return home with us.

Thank God for his many blessings and for all that you have received on this pilgrimage.

Come Holy Spirit!

Closing Mass homily- Bishop David McGough

Homily - Closing Mass

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