Science and Faith in the Second City

Many people are of the view that science has 'killed' God, so making the Christian faith irrelevant. This event series will address many of the questions which emerge from this view and show, how science and the Christian faith are not only compatible but, that the Christian faith has important insights into contemporary scientific and cultural issues.

The Science and Faith project is administered by ChaplaincyPlus and the 'IS FAITH REASONABLE?' partnership. The aim is to enable Birmingham-based churches and Christian organisations to be part of a series of public events bringing leading scientific speakers to the second city.

Topics and speakers:

Tues 24 May
Why climate change matters ~ Dr Ruth Valerio (Tearfund)

Wed 15 June
Who am I? Am I just my brain? ~ Dr Sharon Dirckx (Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics)

Thurs 29 September
My mental health and spirituality ~ Rev Prof John Swinton (University of Aberdeen)

Wed 12 October
Making sense of our identity in the 21st century world ~ Prof Glynn Harrison (University of Bristol)

Wed 16 November
Do scientists have the right to change our genes? ~ Prof. Keith Fox (University of Southampton)

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