Natalie Orefice, Parish Advisor for Evangelisation and
Paul Northam, Evangelisation Fieldworker

Welcome to our blog, we regularly post on evangelisation as well as on various events and initiatives happening within our diocese and the wider Church. We value your comments and feedback on what we write and would appreciate your prayers. If you are doing anything in your patch in ‘an evangelistic key’ please send it to us so that we can post it here, and share good ideas with other parishes!

The Evangelisation Fieldworker for the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, UK, meets the people putting mission at the heart of parish life.

Missionary Parishes – Podcast Interview with Fr Julian Green:

Paul Northam spoke to Fr Julian Green, parish priest at the partnership parishes of Our Lady of Grace in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffs (Goldenhill, Kidsgrove, Biddulph & Packmoore).

Both priests and people often wonder how a parish might move from ‘maintenance to mission’ and Paul asks Fr Julian about his experience over the past year or so of building a missionary parish, in order to share something that other parishes can learn and apply in their own places.

Our Lady of Grace can be found via the following web link: Our Lady of Grace I’d like to thank Fr Julian for giving his time to talk to me on the Fieldworker’s Fieldtrip.

  • 0.00 (44.09) Intro
  • 0.58 (43.11) Who is Fr Julian Green?
  • 2.13 (41.56) What is Evangelisation? Who is an evangelist?
  • 5.06 (39.03) Maintenance to mission
  • 8.04 (36.05) Getting the foundations right
  • 10.49 (33.20) Has evangelisation always been your central concern?
  • 14.22 (29.47) Fr Julian’s inspiration
  • 15.49 (28.20) Divine Renovation: what is it?
  • 19.58 (24.11) The Divine Renovation conference
  • 21.13 (22.56) Practical examples of mission in Stoke
  • 25.56 (18.13) The Alpha Course
  • 28.37 (15.32) Involving parishioners
  • 31.21 (12.48) What have you discovered about your parish?
  • 32.48 (11.21) The place of prayer in building missionary disciples
  • 38.15 (5.54) Challenges and opportunities for evangelisation in Stoke
  • 40.52 (3.17) Advice for parish priests
  • 44.09 (0.00) End

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Would you like to run a Catholic Alpha course in your parish or do you need any further information about evangelising?

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