Racial Justice Sunday is on 17th February 2019. Please use this opportunity to promote the resources created by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, and to recognise the problems faced by people due to racism and ethnic discrimination in the workplace.

+Paul Letter to Parishes

Fr Ashley Beck Reflections 

Insert for parish bulletins


Prayer card

Bidding prayers for RJS 19

Please include one or both of the following intentions in your Sunday Prayers of the Faithful.

For all trapped in work which compromises their human dignity;

May they come to know liberty and justice


For legislators and law enforcement agencies;

may they strengthen and protect the rights of workers.


A prayer

For those facing exploitation

O God,

Gracious God,

From your abundance all gifts and skills are bestowed,

Making us participants in your work of creation.

By the word of your Son,

Confront our greed,

Challenge us when we treat people as means of profit,

Or discriminate unjustly against our fellow human beings.

Raise us up to new life in your service

That in all our works

Begun, continued and ended in you

We may glorify your holy name.

Through Jesus Christ your Son, our Lord,