The Church on Mission in the World

During October 2019, the Archdiocese of Birmingham will be marking an Extraordinary Missionary Month, called for by Pope Francis, for the purpose of rediscovering the missionary heart of the Church, in all aspects of her life and worship, and especially in every Catholic.

Christ’s Great Commission carried the Gospel across the globe, but in England and Wales we find our people and culture in need of a New Evangelisation.

With that in mind, parishes and individuals are being encouraged to express their missionary character in various ways throughout the month — this will be different in each place, but there will be resources to help you do that at: click here

You are a Missionary Disciple!

Throughout the Extraordinary Missionary Month, we are encouraging individuals to understand that they are Missionary Disciples, to work and pray for the coming of God’s Kingdom in missionary territories both here and abroad.

Using these and other resources:
· Pray each day for evangelisation in your parish, and pray particularly for opportunities for you to evangelise, and see what God does!

· Plan one or two events in your parish this month that will invite others to meet Jesus.

The Pope has also specified four dimensions, to live more intensely the journey of preparation to the missionary month:

· A personal encounter with Jesus Christ alive in His Church through the Eucharist, the Word of God, personal and communal prayer;

· Testimony: missionary saints, martyrs and confessors of the faith, as an expression of the Church scattered throughout the world;

· Missionary formation: biblical, catechetical, spiritual and theological;

· Missionary Charity.