An Event from the Science and Faith in the Second City Project in Birmingham

We recently asked participants at one of our Science and Faith in the Second City events in Birmingham whether they saw science as a barrier to belief in God. Of 135 respondents 86% said no – they saw no barrier.

We obtained an almost identical response (83%) from a smaller number (23) of church leaders when asked a very similar question. And yet… in 2020 Professor Berry Billingsley from Canterbury Christ Church University found in a survey of 1,772 upper-secondary school students in 16 Church of England schools that 53% of students believed that ‘Science makes it hard to believe in God’.

However we interpret these data it is clear that there is a mismatch between what we in the churches think about the impact of a scientific worldview on the credibility of the Christian faith and what is believed in the wider community. This is worrying and indicates that we have an uphill struggle in communicating the relevance of our faith in the face of the apparent science/faith conflict which is alive and well in the minds of so many people. This is not helped by the observation that many Christian leaders are trained in the humanities rather than the sciences and so they do not always have the confidence to tackle some of the contemporary science-faith issues.

To this end the Science and Faith in the Second City Project in Birmingham is organising a one-day workshop for Christian leaders on the theme of ‘Faith and Science in the local church’. This workshop is in collaboration with the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge and some of the speakers are on the staff of the Faraday Institute. The workshop will include talks and discussion on the following broad themes:

  • God and Science – stimulating worship, enhancing faith
  • Exploring Science and Faith with Children and Young People
  • Environmental issues and Climate Change – what should we be doing in the local church?
  • Medical Dilemmas at the End of Life
  • Stars and Life - Being a scientist and a Christian
  • Creation and Evolution – Do we have to choose?

The workshop is for lay/ ordained and small group leaders from any denominational background.

Please mark the date in your diary now - Tuesday 18th October 2022, from 9.30-4.30, at Second City Church, Broad Street, Birmingham. Lunch will be provided. This is an in-person event and will not be livestreamed.

Places are £25 per person (free for churches supporting the project).

To book and for further details of the programme and speakers click on the booking link below or contact [email protected].