St Nicholas Boldmere is holding a series of training days for readers, ministers of Holy Communion and leaders of prayer.

Those who serve the Church by assisting with the worthy celebration of her liturgy are called to work collaboratively within their particular ministry teams and with those others who assist the Church at prayer.

In order to do this we all need to have a good understanding of what we are doing as ministers, and how it relates to what others do, and what we all do as the Church at prayer.

Day to day guidance and support for ministers is always available. But a broader formation is also necessary, and inevitably because of the organisation involved this is offered less regularly.

Training Days are being offered in Autumn 2021 for readers, ministers of Holy Communion and leaders of Prayer.

‘Leaders of Prayer’ is a category of service that we are giving new attention to – people assisting in this way will range from those who have responsibility for prayer as part of the life of a parish group; a teacher leading prayer in school through to ministers leading services of word and communion in the absence of a priest. The same basic principles apply in all these cases and are easy to learn and apply. And they help ministers assist in this way with confidence and fruitfulness.

Training for ministers