From Oxford Three Faiths:

Three Faiths Encounter week is being held at St John’s College, Oxford, from April 1-7th.

This is the second year of the programme, following the very well-received pilot year, which had the theme 'Beyond the Headlines'.

This year's theme is 'Relating Across the Divides' where we will be looking at the beliefs and theology of different groups within each faith.

The focus is on an increased understanding and friendship between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

All who wish to learn more about the beliefs and practices of these three faiths are welcome.

We are able to subsidise student places, so we encourage students to apply for a reduced rate.

Towards the end of our time together, over the weekend of 5th-7th April, we will be linking into the regular worship with local Abrahamic faith groups.

For further information please contact Heather-Jane Ozanne at [email protected]

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